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Why choose Boxloader ?


Choosing Boxloader is the guarantee you get a high-quality product and service, from the very first initial contact. From the technical aspect, with a dedicated and attentive mechanical and methods office and a meticulous workshop team, to the commercial aspect, with reliable sales managers, we make sure to target your needs to offer you the most suitable product. Every aspect of your request is carefully studied to make sure no details are left out. We not only meet your expectations, we also strive to exceed them.


An unmatched quality

Boxloader is proud to master a cutting-edge technology, with requirements based on innovation, performance and quality. We have been using the most modern techniques to constantly develop our products, with optimised capacities and adaptation to each region of the world and therefore to every market and its specificities. By choosing Boxloader, you make the choice of an exemplary and an unmatched quality, made in France. Very solicitous about our customers’ satisfaction, we remain attentive to their feedbacks to continue to offer a range of powerful, conscientious and unrivaled products.


Certified to European standards

With the majority of our Boxloader products intended for export, it is necessary that each product meets the international requirements. Our cranes and cylinders are fully manufactured in Europe with Europe-branded steel. On top of that, each new machine is carefully examined to meet the certifications of the European standards, including the DEKRA certification, allowing an objective verification of safety and quality.