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Boxloader’s technology


Considering that technology is meant to solve problems and not create any, Boxloader teams are always on the lookout for proven and effective solutions. Using also the most advanced design tools while working closely with our partners, we can offer you imaginative and efficient solutions. The use of laser cutting and robotic welding for many years has given us a competitive advantage and a quality of achievement that is often envied.


Optional features

SafeBox Pack

The SafeBox Pack is an Electronic Stability System which collects hydraulic pressure datas and transmit them through CanBus technology to a computer that instantly analyzes all the parameters for safety purposes. Should there be a risk of unstability, the SafeBox immediately sends a warning signal and stops the movement. The SafeBox also displays the weight of the container and is the sidelifter’s “black box”.




Self steering axle

In order to turn better without forced steering axles, the thrid axle can be self steering. It also reduces the tyres wear.


PTO / Power Pack

The standard configuration for a Boxloader is to work through PTO from the truck. It is a specific hydraulic kit, including a PTO on the gear box, a 2×53 l double pump allowing to work up to 280 bars, hydraulic tank and connections. The Boxloader can also be equipped with an autonomous power pack. It allows the Boxloader to be operated with any truck without any specific hydraulic fittings. It allows more flexibility in case of a fleet of prime movers. The standard power pack is a DEUTZ 4 cylinders, 65 hp, air cooled, with a 2×20 l double pump.



Forced steering axles

In order to reduce the turning radius, the Boxloader can be equipped with forced steering axles (first axle lifting, second and third axles steering up to 24° angle). The steering can also be piloted from the truck cabin through a remote. This technology allows the moste precise positioning movements to comply the customer’s requirements.





Specific configurations





Lifting axle

In order to reduce the tyres wear, 1 axle can be liftable when the sidelifter is running empty or with a light weight box. When the load is heavier, the liftable axle automatically goes down in order to increase the stability and have a better load distribution.






For repeted and intensive use, the Boxloader can be equipped with a top lift spreader allowing significant time savings. The spreader is designed according to your needs : fix 20′, fix 40′, extendable 20’/40’… The operations are piloted from the remote, allowing the driver to lock / unlock the spreader on top of the container.




Radio remote

The radio remote is homologated by telecom authorities and has a frequency selector that allows to switch to another frequence in case of interferences. It allows the operator to handle the container in any position with a very good vision of the whole process. 2 versions are available : with press buttons or with joysticks.




Centralised greasing system

All the cranes are equipped with greasing points on each pin. Greasing is the basic servicing to be done to maintain a high level of performance for a sidelifter. A centralised greasing kit can be set up (1 greasing point per crane linked to all pins) in order to facilitate the greasing process.





2×20 pieds

The linking kit designed by Boxloader allows to lift 2×20′ simultaneously.