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Used equipment

For a transport company, buying a sidelifter is a very important and strategic investment that allows to offer an innovative service and to be different from its competition.
The long life of these equipments (subject to proper and regular maintenance) make the second hand sidelifters an attractive way to break into that market. Real sidelifters experts, we constantly have a stock of second hand equipments, Boxloader and other brands (Hammar, Steelbro, Valart…) that can be refurnished, revised or as it is. We can stand by your side for your investment project, bringing you technical and operational value added.

Second-hand machines are often resold after a visit to our workshops, where special attention and care are given to reconditioning. The second-hand market is a market of opportunity, the high demand in relation to supply means that the decision time is very short. However, it is often the most economically rational choice when starting an activity.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about the used equipment we have.