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About Boxloader

Our history

For more than 30 years, Boxloader has developed a sound expertise in the sidelifter industry.
First acting as the official dealer of a well established brand of sidelifters in the French West Indies, we introduced the very concept of sidelifter in these islands and supported our clients’ growth. Then, with ever more demanding clients in terms of technical solutions and after-sales support, we became an independant manufacturer, vertically integrated, dealing with designing, manufacturing and the distribution of a new range of sidelifters : the Boxloaders.

Since then, the company has consistently grown and has established itself as a major player in the sidelifters’ industry. Headquartered on the French West coast, Boxloader is however present worldwide through its local agents and businesspartners. 

Mid 2019, Boxloader acquired the Swinglift brand, from Patchell Industries Ltd in Rotorua, New-Zealand, making it a unique merger in the industry with both brands holding a significant market position. The combination of the two entities will deliver a significant dominant player in the marketplace with both entities continuing to provide constructive end solutions to customers. Boxloader is now going to supply the sideloader community with a greater choice and therefore simplify the process of choosing the best product for any sideloader operation or task.


Our vision

Deeply influenced by this dual culture and background – as both manufacturer and dealer – we established gradually Boxloader as a major player in the sideloader industry. The end user being our main concern of our industrial and marketing developments, we are determined to be the unchallenged leader in terms of innovation, performance and quality. Based on these requirements, we offer the unique Boxloader crane modules that provide quicker, safer and more reliable operation for the user. 


Our mission

Driven by our motto  “our clients are our best ambassadors”, we designed a range of products that covers all the clients’ needs. At the same time, we require always more from our sales and technical teams in terms of service and support in order to support you in designing the solutions you really need. As a matter of fact, choosing Boxloader does not make you another client : it is rather the beginning of a long term partnership, profitable for both of us.