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For a transport company, buying a sidelifter is a very important and strategic investment that allows to offer an innovative service and to be different from its competition.

The long life of these equipments (subject to proper and regular maintenance) make the second hand sidelifters an attractive way to break into that market.

Real sidelifters experts, we constantly have a stock of second hand equipments, Boxloader and other brands (Hammar, Steelbro, Valart...) that can be refurbished, revised or as it is. We can stand by your side for your investment project, bringing you technical and operational value added.



All second hand Boxloader are fully refurbished in our factory. This includes full check up of the cranes structure, upgrade of hydraulic and electrical systems and a new paint. A refurbished Boxloader has a 1 year warranty.

Second hand Boxloader



AuToLift is an internal structure specially dedicated to trade other brands second hand units. These units can be sold as it is or revised and upgraded if necessary. Each client is important and a satisfied Autolift customer is a potential Boxloader customer for tomorrow.

Second hand AuToLift


Example of 1989 overhauled sidelifter

Example of a 2003 renovated sideloader


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